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Friday 30th October 2015 19h30

at the Hotel Continental the Association Allegresse will have a dinner and show. A professional troupe of dancers will perform the Argentinian Tango.

Cocktails will be served followed by:


Nectar de Potiron, Pépites de Foie gras
Volaille fermière du Gers, farcie aux Trompettes de la mort, accompagnée de son gratin Dauphinois et d'un chutney mangue-gingembre
Cube de chocolat fin, coeur à l'orange et coulis de framboise.



Nectar de Potiron, Pépites de châtaignes

Galette de soja, chutney mangue-gingembre, crème de lentilles à la coriandre et fricassée de légumes frais au curry
Cube de chocolat fin, coeur à l'orange, coulis de framboise.

Wine and coffee included.

Places are limited

The cost is 35€ per person and includes an introduction to the Argentine Tango for members of the association. Reservations can be made using the sites contact page, or telephone 06 85 51 06 54 please book before 25 October 2015.





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